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$0 to $1000 Challenge Monthly Report for March 2020

The second month of the challenge just lapsed, and I am happy to share my progress and challenges for March 2020.

I also received progress reports from team members, and most of you made great strides. From the reports I received, one challenge stood out: COVID 19.

People have had to adjust their routines, learn social distancing and learn how to work from the confines of their homes.

As the new trend continues to evolve, we have to adapt to the new change of lifestyle and watch out for the virus.


Stop handshaking. Keep distance. Isolate. And trying not to sneeze in public (::)

That aside, most of us made some great progress this month. Notably, Cliff has 36 published posts, Peninah has 23 published posts, while Alakesh is already getting 1100 visits per month on a three-month-old blog.  

While none of the team members has any earnings yet, the work we a few steps into achieving the overall goal-$1000 in affiliate earnings per month.

Here is a breakdown of the things I accomplished, challenges encountered, plans for the next month and any new ideas. 

What I accomplished in March 2020

  • Added 8 new posts, bringing the total number of posts to 15.
  • Optimized published posts to create internal links to relevant posts, created meta- descriptions, and added videos to my info’ pages.
  • Created 5 links. 2 of these links are guest posts and 3 blog comments. Some of these links have already been indexed, and are showing on my website.
  • Found an alternative affiliate program to Amazon. I plan to test how this affiliate program performs compared to Amazon and report the findings.
  • Found a good DR 6 expired domain for 301. This domain has links from Forbes, Uberflip, and Wikipedia.

Here are screenshots of my progress:

Image 1: Case study website

Image 2: Some keywords ranking on Top 100 in the second month.

Image 3: Expired Domain Stats

Image 4: Some of the RDs pointing to the expired domain

Challenges encountered in March 2020

  • Fell short of the target number of articles by 5.
  • COVID 19: I had to re-organize myself and plan my schedule afresh.
  • I spent a lot of time stocking up for the lockdown, and this encroached on my working time (sounds funny, but… J

Traffic and Earnings

The site has made zero earnings to date, and I am hoping to make a sale soon, probably in the 3rd or 4th month of this challenge.

In terms of traffic numbers, the numbers are still rolling in as shown in the screenshot below. Nevertheless, I expect to start seeing some progress in the third month.

Plans for April 2020

  • Publish 15 new posts (to meet the shortfall of the 1 and 2nd month). This will bring the total number of posts to 30.
  • Build 10 new backlinks to the homepage.
  • Create affiliate links for the published posts.
  • Create a new post (on this website) on “Guest Post Outreach”.

Progress Report from $0 to $1000 Team Members

I received progress reports from 9 members, and I am happy with the progress so far.

While there are no earnings yet, there was solid progress in terms of the number of posts published and traffic numbers.

Here is a summary of what team members achieved in March 2020.






Plans for March





​Published 10 posts
​Publish 10 articles and increase traffic




​4 new articles 
Publish at least 35,000 words



Published a few posts and site set up

Publish 5 new posts


3000 impressions


​Content creation and publishing
​Start link building




​Bought a domain

Set up blog and publish several posts

Published 10 articles, 5 previous article optimize
Publish 10 articles

Registered domains and paid hosting
Write 15-30 short articles of 1400-2000 words.
Complete the set up for the analytics
Register for the Amazon affiliate program
Wrote 36 articles
Do 7 quality high DA back-links per week
Just wrote an article
Learn more about SEO


    1. Erick, I use Scrapebox to hunt for expired domains. For this option, you need to buy proxies. The alternative method is to use Ahrefs broken link checker for the top domains in your niche. Use the Godaddy or Namebright bulk domain search to find available domains. Download the available domains, and analyze them using Ahrefs Batch analysis to see the DRs, URs, live links, etc. You can then analyze each domain to see their top links.

      A shortcut is to check auction domains on Godaddy, Namecheap or Ranknetworks (my favorite).

    1. Hey Don, you are doing some great work at Nichesitevault. Congratulations on hitting $500 on the 9th month of your 100k challenge. Great to have you in the group as well. Looking forward to sharing and exchanging ideas.

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