$0 to $1000 Affiliate Marketing Challenge Update for April 2020

$0 to $1000 Affiliate Marketing Challenge Update for April 2020

The month of April was the third month of the challenge.

Though it was a slow month for some of the team members, we went an inch closer to the overall target: to move from $0 to $1000 dollars in 12 months.

I published more content into the website, but I still fell below the target by 5 articles. Nevertheless, I have managed to push more content targeting low competition keywords.

Currently, the case study website has approximately 65% informational content and 35% money content. I plan to retain this content ratio in the coming months as a way of building topical relevance around specific content hubs.

I received 7 reports from the team members, and I am satisfied with the progress so far. While there are no earnings yet, team members have reported increasing traffic numbers to their sites since the first case study was published.

That aside, let’s dive into the progress, achievements and challenges for the month of April 2020.

The Amazon Shocker

Well, Amazon is one of the best affiliate programs that is not only newbie-friendly, but also one of the few programs with a high conversion. You not only get paid for the products you refer, but you also get paid for the non-related products that the customer buys using your affiliate link.

Earlier in April, Amazon announced changes to its operating policy, effectively reducing commission rates for some of the popular categories. This was totally unexpected, considering that we are in the middle of a pandemic.

My case study website suffered in the Amazon rate cuts, and its category went from 8% to 3%. This means that, for every $100 sale, the commission went down from $8 to $3 dollars. Although Amazon is not the only program I am promoting, the rate cuts will definitely affect my future income.

From the progress reports that I received, 43% of the team members who filled the form mentioned that their sites were affected by the Amazon commission rate cuts, while 57% of the team members were not affected.

How to Recover Future Earnings

I conducted a poll in the $0 to $1000 FB Group to see the strategies that people are using to recover the lost Amazon earnings. Here are the suggestions:

What I accomplished in April 

  • Published 10 new posts on the website, bring the total number of articles to 25 articles.
  • Created 5 new links.
  • Began testing the expired domain for 301 redirect. Waiting to see if the content gets indexed before redirecting the domain.
  • Added affiliate links to the Amazon alternative that I mentioned last month (No sale yet).

Here are a few screenshots of my progress:

Keywords from Search Console

Link Building

Link building is tough, and I did not expect it to be easy.

I have created 10 links in total, with the latest being blog comments.

I plan to implement the 301 redirection in the month of May, and I expect to start seeing some traction in the serps.

I am still trying to find niche inserts and guest posts in my niche.

Traffic and Earnings

There are no earnings yet for the third month.

Nevertheless, with traffic numbers increasing, I expect to convert one visitor into a customer in the 4th month.

I have also found two other affiliate programs that pay per successful lead in my niche. I have already applied to join these programs, and it will be fun to test something that I have not done before.

Challenges Encountered in March

  • Still short of the target number of articles by 5.
  • Build fewer links that I had planned.
  • There is progress in the traffic numbers, but at a slow pace.

Plans for May 2020

  • Publish 15 new posts.
  • Implement the 301 redirect (Using a redirect script-more on this in the May update)
  • Create 5 new backlinks (preferably niche edits in relevant websites)
  • Polish internal links
  • Make the first sale (really, crossing fingers)

Progress Reports for Team Members

The following is a summary of the progress reports from 7 team members who filled the monthly progress report form:










​Created content for the homepage




​Published 7 posts



​Published 5 articles, targeting 8 more articles.




​A start-traffic




Did keyword research and identified a list of 30 best post and over 20 informative posts that I should write in the coming months.





Getting more traffic





Set up social media accounts


  1. Lema, I’d recommend you stay away from 301 and just build links the natural way. For quite some time I’ve seen google constantly targeting sites that get bunch of links all of a sudden.

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