Best jobs that pay 500k a year without a degree

You’ll always compare salary and work environment differences when looking for a job. More importantly, you’ll always see if you meet their education requirements. While it’s true that most high-paying professions require a degree, other jobs don’t, and they pay well. 

Most job search sites and career-advice websites emphasize the need for a college degree to get a highly rewarding job. However, though the statement is valid, there are still plenty of jobs that pay well without requiring a degree

If you don’t have a degree, and you are looking for jobs that pay $500k a year, here are opportunities you can consider. 

500k breakdown (hourly, weekly, monthly)

Let’s break down the 500k annual income into parts. Working 40 hours a week for five days, below is how much you need to earn to hit our 500k per year target.

  • Hourly- $240.38
  • Daily- $1923.08
  • Weekly- $9615.38
  • Bi-weekly- $19230.77
  • Monthly- $41,666.67

10 Best jobs that pay 500k a year without a degree

Real estate broker

As a real estate broker, you serve as a middleman between buyers and sellers of real estate.

You will be responsible for listing homes for sale or rent, contacting potential purchasers or tenants, and settling sales or rental agreements.

You can decide to work as an independent contractor or as part of a larger real estate brokerage. You can specialize in a particular type of real estates, such as residential or commercial properties, or a specific geographic area. 

You’ll earn a percentage of the sale price as your commission, which can add up quickly in expensive markets. A real estate broker can earn an average salary of $61,480 annually, and earnings could go as high as $500k to $1 million in a year.

Software Developer

Are you a tech nerd but don’t have a degree? You can still earn 500k a year. You will need to have proficiency in programming languages. 

If you’re well-versed in at least one programming language, such as Java, Python, C++, or JavaScript, you’re ready! This is because the profession involves designing and creating computer programs and applications. 

You need functional skills such as creativity, attention to detail, teamwork, problem-solving, and good communication skills. You can earn far more than $500k per year as software developer, and sometimes even millions of dollars

Digital Marketer.

Digital marketing is among the best jobs that pay 500k a year without a degree. As a digital marketer, it is your obligation to develop and execute marketing strategies using various digital channels, including social media, email, and search engines. 

If you’re an aspiring digital marketer, you should look up Neil Patel, one of the most successful digital marketers worldwide. His projected $30 million net worth. You can indeed make it happen!

If you’re a more seasoned digital marketer, you can command a higher salary

Management Consultant

Unless you intend to work for a prominent management consulting firm that requires you to have at least a degree in a related field, you need not meet any specific academic requirements to become a management consultant. 

As a management consultant, you advise companies on various business issues, including strategy, operations, and organizational design. You’ll help them improve their performance by analyzing existing business problems and developing solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. 

You need analytical and research skills, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and strong communication skills. With hardwork, commitment and delivering quality services, you can make more than 500k a year as a management consultant. 


If you have a passion for writing, becoming a blogger is another profession that can earn you 500k a year without a degree. As a blogger, your work involves creating content for a blog or website. You can write on various topics, from personal experiences to industry insights, news commentary, and product reviews.

To be effective as a blogger, you must have strong writing skills and create engaging, informative, and compelling content that resonates with your target audience. You need a good understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) to help increase the visibility of your blog and attract more readers.

As a successful blogger, it is important to have a passion for writing and a deep understanding of your blog’s topic or niche. It can take time to build an audience and establish a reputation as a credible source of information. 

Still, with dedication, hard work, and persistence, it is possible to create a successful blog that resonates with readers and make you up to a million dollars a year.

Fashion Designer

You can venture into this beautiful industry if you have a passion for fashion. The profession is more like a lifestyle. As a fashion designer, your work involves creating designs and concepts for clothing, accessories, and other fashion-related items. 

You need creativity to stay at the top of the game and drawing and sketching skills, which will help communicate your ideas. You also need a good understanding of color theory, knowledge of fabrics and materials, adaptability, and attention to detail skills. 

The more the professions demand time, the more you can earn. Top designers such as Ashley Olsen make millions of dollars a year. 

However, fashion design is a highly competitive industry. You can make far more than 500k to even billions of dollars in the fashion industry given you have experience and stay up to date with industry’s trends. 

Professional Athlete

Another way you can make 500k a year without a degree is as a professional athlete. This will also depend on your talent and passion for particular sports, such as basketball, football, and tennis.

We have googled how much these players make, and it’s millions of dollars in addition to unlimited endorsements. However, becoming a professional athlete is often challenging and requires years of training and dedication.


This is a perfect job for screen lovers. You need more talent compared to education. You need good acting skills but not a degree! You should try acting if you can attract an audience with your “dramatic” acts. 

You can earn high salaries of up to 500k a year for your television, film, and theater work as an actor or actress. However, the industry is highly competitive, and success is not guaranteed. 

To have a career breakthrough in acting, you must have good enough acting and drama skills in any role given. This sees you earning millions of dollars from both acting and endorsements, which may come from your popularity.


If you don’t have acting skills, but can sing, becoming a musician is among other best jobs that pay 500k a year without a degree. You can earn money through album sales, concerts, and endorsements. 

However, same as acting, the reality is as much as you see the top musicians earning millions of dollars a year, most musicians earn far less and struggle to make a living.

You can anticipate earning more than $500k a year if your music is of high quality and becomes popular online with lots of views and airplay.


Entrepreneurship is the last best job that pays 500k a year without a degree because it comes with a catch. You will need capital. Becoming an entrepreneur means starting and running your own business. Your own business can earn you high salaries, and it’s one way of building wealth. 

However, the risk of failure is high, and many entrepreneurs struggle to make their businesses profitable. Starting a business on your own is challenging and a process. In addition to capital, you’ll need a lot of effort, perseverance, sustainability, and hard work. 

To hit our 500k+ target a year, you must develop great business ideas, stick to them, and have strong willpower. And in the long run, you see the results. You might be this generation’s Bill Gates! He, too, began with the same approach.


It’s important to note that many of these careers require significant experience, skills, and networking to achieve a salary of $500k or more. 

Furthermore, the precise pay for these professions might vary greatly depending on the industry, the locality, and the employee.

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