How to become rich as an introvert

Are you wondering how to become rich as an introvert? Can an introvert become rich? Why not? An introvert is never thought of as outgoing. They are very “bad” at socializing because they prefer to hang out with no more than two or three people and avoid huge gatherings or crowds. 

That certainly sounds like me. I’m mostly serious and often quiet, with a reflective style, as any introvert would be. Most of the time, I like paying more attention to what is happening inside of me than what is occurring outside of me, or what they refer to as “minding my own business.” 

If you’re an introvert or have family or friends who are, you might wonder if their antisocial nature will ever allow them to succeed in life and become rich.

Can they be rich? Yes, they can. Look at Bill Gates and Elon Musk. They are all rich, and, if you didn’t know, they are introverts. And they have built profitable businesses from the ground up, and so can you. 

Now, if you’re wondering how to become rich as an introvert, here are 7 professions you can try and see which work best for you.

7 jobs for introverts

As an introvert, that doesn’t mean you’re shy, soft-spoken, or socially awkward, at least not most of the time. No, you just don’t like investing much effort in social interactions and spend much of your time resting or recharging. 

As introverts, you’ll typically prefer careers that provide you with a lot of space and freedom. Therefore, you would pick environments with few to no external interruptions. 

The number of introverts in the United States is estimated to be 50% of the population. Most of them are venturing into the following careers, which you should try out and find out which works best for you as an introvert.

  1. Accountant

If you’re an introvert like me and love working with numbers, then accounting will be your best choice of profession. The thought did cross my mind a few years ago, but I settled into a different career. 

As an accountant, you’ll often be working alone, and only a few times will you have to explain various financial records to your clients. You can work in practically every industry as an accountant. You’ll be required to prepare and examine a company’s financial record with few to no external distractions. 

As of 2022, an accountant’s average salary is $73,318. To start working as an accountant in the USA, you must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business and be licensed as a Certified Public Accountant.

  1. Architecture

I did consider pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Unfortunately, the fee wasn’t a joke. Still showing signs of my introverted personality, right? Yes, you can pursue architecture if you’re wondering how to become rich as an introvert. 

Your work will be to develop blueprints or a house plan for homes, offices, and other constructions. You must be creative, a good problem solver, and have a basic understanding of math to succeed in this line of work. An architect makes, on average, $104,385 annually. 

You must pass the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) and have an architecture degree approved by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and at least one year of relevant professional experience. Some states demand that you renew your license every year.

  1. Artist

To create something that will amaze their fans, artists spend a lot of time being creative. Similarly, this is a fantastic profession to consider if you’re an introvert.

Most of the time, visual art is a natural skill. It doesn’t require any formal educational requirements. You can, however, benefit from training.

Additionally, you can enroll in programs or art schools at universities and colleges. Some top artists have pursued fine arts degrees and even master’s degrees. The average salary for an artist is $47,029.

  1. Photographer

Photography is another profession that can make you rich as an introvert. Do you enjoy capturing moments and consider yourself creative? Get your camera and get rolling. 

The profession is also flexible, and it also gives you a chance to travel. You have a wide range of options, including wedding, landscape, portrait, and architectural photography. 

The average salary for a photographer is $42,889 per year. No formal education is required. However, some companies can insist on seeing a degree or photography certification.

  1. Writer

If you’re wondering how to become rich as an introvert, you can venture into freelance writing. If you’re an introvert like me, you might find it easier to express yourself through writing than through a verbal conversation, and blogging about it will help you even more. 

As a writer, you can choose from a wide range of writing alternatives, including technical, content, copywriting, and article writing. The average salary for a writer is $51,645 per year. All you need are outstanding written communication skills, creativity, and knowledge of the English language. 

The good news about writing is that there are online tools that can help improve your writing abilities. Additionally, you can read articles or watch online videos on how to become a better writer.

  1. Psychiatrist

As a psychiatrist, you will help with the treatment, diagnosis, and recommendations for preventing mental illnesses. You may also recommend medication and, in some circumstances, hospitalization for mentally disturbed patients. 

And since listening, empathizing, and constantly looking for a solution to help solve an issue are traits of introverts, the field may be the perfect fit for you. You can apply these skills as you make some money. 

To become a psychiatrist in the USA, one must complete a four-year undergraduate degree program, four years of medical school, and a four-year residency program. This can take up to 12 years. 

I can assure you that it’s all worthwhile. It’s one of the highest-paying professions, with an average annual salary of $243,065.

  1. Graphic designer

Another career that might make you rich as an introvert is becoming a graphic designer. A graphic designer takes home an average salary of $42,058 annually. 

You must have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, the arts, or a similar field. You must have creative and artistic skills. You should also have a powerful presentation if you want to stay at the top of your profession. Such verbal, visual, and written communication skills can help you build a powerful presentation. 

It will be beneficial if you also have additional business and sales skills. Make sure you have a strong graphic designer portfolio of work to present to your prospective clients as a graphic designer.


Despite your antisocial tendencies, you can still become rich as an introvert. Some of the richest businessmen are introverts who are still flourishing. 

You can start your own business from the ground up, just like they did. If you’re an introvert, you’ll want a job with few to no external distractions. 

You can choose one of the mentioned occupations. The professions have fewer opportunities for social interaction.

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