How To Make Money Selling Books on eBay – Get Listed Quickly.

eBay is among the popular online marketplaces where you can buy and sell goods and services. It is among many ways you can make money in grad school by selling used items. One of the products you can sell on the platform is books. 

The idea of selling books on eBay can be a profitable venture if you want to make money. However, one thing that can make you successful in the business is having knowledge about particular niches or topics. 

The process of selling books on eBay involves sourcing books to sell, researching prices, listing the books, providing excellent customer service, and building a good reputation as a seller. Let’s go into depth on how to make money selling books on eBay.

How To Make Money Selling Books on eBay

Selling books on eBay can be a profitable side hustle, as it requires minimal investment and can be done from home. eBay has a large user base, providing access to a broad audience of potential buyers. 

Additionally, eBay offers various selling formats, including auctions and fixed-price listings, allowing you to choose the best method. Here are some steps to help you make money selling books on eBay.

Set Up an eBay Account

To get started, you must first register to start earning money selling books on eBay. You will need to provide your personal information, such as your name and address, and set up payment information, such as a PayPal account.

Find Books to Sell

You can start by researching popular book categories and genres to find the right books to sell on eBay. You can use eBay’s search feature to see what books are selling well and at what price point. 

Another option is to scour thrift stores, used bookstores, and garage sales to find unique and valuable books. Search for books with desirable characteristics such as good condition, well-known authors or titles, and market demand. You can also consider selling rare or out-of-print books, which often fetch higher prices.

You can also purchase books wholesale from book distributors or liquidators. 

Research Prices

Research the prices of the books you plan to sell on eBay to ensure you are pricing them competitively. You can research the book’s current market value by checking eBay and other online marketplaces. 

You can also use tools like BookScouter and Amazon to see what prices similar books are selling for.

List Your Books

Create a listing for each book you plan to sell. Before listing, make sure to inspect and clean the book, removing any dust and debris. Additionally, inspect the spine and binding, and look for any markings or writing inside the book. This ensures the book is in good condition for its new owner.

Be sure to include a detailed book description, including any damage or wear and tear. Include clear photos of the book showing the cover and any damage. 

Set up your listings as auctions or fixed-price listings, and gradually adjust your prices to attract buyers.

Choose Your Selling Format

When selling books on eBay, you can choose between different selling formats such as auction, fixed-price, or Best Offer. Auctions can be helpful for rare or collectible books, while fixed-price listings are better for common books. Best Offer allows buyers to make an offer on your price.

Auctions can be more unpredictable but can lead to higher prices, while fixed-price listings offer more stability but may result in lower prices.

Set a Competitive Price

Having thoroughly researched the prices of similar books, it’s time to price yours. Set a competitive price for your book based on your research, especially by comparing your book’s price to similar books sold on eBay. Consider starting with a lower price to attract buyers and gradually raise the price if the book does not sell.

Furthermore, consider factors such as the book’s condition, rarity, and demand when pricing your books. 

Promote Your Books

The best way to promote your books on eBay is to optimize your listing by including detailed descriptions, clear photos, and relevant keywords. You can also offer free shipping, bundle deals, or promotional discounts to entice buyers. 

Promote your listings on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider audience. Utilize eBay’s paid promotion options to increase visibility for your listings.

As a further strategy to draw clients and entice them to make purchases from you, think about providing discounts.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Adapt faster response to shipment requests and buyer’s questions. Ship the book promptly and securely, using appropriate packaging to protect it during shipping.

Additionally, customers have different opinions about any product, no matter how good it sounds to you. Thus, in circumstances when you receive a bad review, respond to the buyer promptly and professionally to address their concerns. 

Offer to fix the problem and, if necessary, give a refund or replacement. Use the feedback to improve your customer service and address any issues that may have led to the negative review.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Pick a shipping carrier that provides reasonable prices and prompt delivery. Package your books securely using appropriate packaging materials, and fulfill orders promptly once payment has been received.

Do your best to provide tracking information to your customers. Respond to customer inquiries and concerns promptly and professionally. Establish trust with your customers by providing a simple return policy. 

Collect Payments and Leave Feedback

Once the book has been delivered to the buyer, collect payment through eBay and leave feedback for the buyer. Positive feedback can help build your reputation as a seller and encourage other buyers to purchase from you.

Similarly, you can encourage customers to leave feedback on their experience to improve your reputation on eBay.

Repeat the Process

Continually source new books to sell and keep your eBay listings up-to-date. As you gain experience and build your reputation as a seller, you may find that you can increase your prices and attract more buyers.


Some of the ways how to make money selling books on eBay include sourcing books to sell, researching prices, listing the books with detailed descriptions and photos, providing excellent customer service, and building a good reputation as a seller over time. Following these steps, you can turn your book selling on eBay into a profitable business.

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