How to make money woodworking

Are you wondering how to make money woodworking? I will show you how and everything you need to do and own to run a successful woodworking business, whether you’re doing it as a side hustle or a full-time business.

To start off, as a woodworker, you must be good with your hands, and, more importantly, you must enjoy working with wood. Woodworking involves a long process of cutting your wood into large boards, laminating, gluing them together, sanding, and bringing them to the appropriate finish are all steps in creating magnificent art pieces for decorative or functional purposes. 

So, if you want to learn how to make money woodworking, keep reading.

How to make money woodworking

Woodworking is a great way to make some extra money. You can go about this in several ways: by making creations, marketing them, and selling them. 

Here are proven ways to make good money from woodworking:

Create outstanding pieces of art

You need to create beautiful pieces out of the woods that people will love. Keep in mind that there are plenty of outstanding wood arts from other creatives, and you should produce unique high-quality works from your wood.

Furniture is one of the items you can make. There is always a market for beautiful, high-quality furniture. Other wood products you can make include bowls, candlesticks, and vases. You can carve wood into products such as wall art, door hangers, and signs. 

Additionally, you can make custom wood products. Custom furniture requires a unique set of skills. The effort put into custom types of furniture makes them extremely expensive, making them a great option to make more money. 

For instance, you can focus on making wooden toys for kids or even custom furniture for people with specific needs. This is called owning a niche. You’ll become an expert in the area and might be able to charge even more for such products. 

Other custom furniture you can make and sell include bed frames, picnic and coffee tables, side tables, and chairs.

Sell your Crafts

Another way to make money from woodworking is to sell your wood products. One of the best ways to sell your crafts is through online platforms

An online presence helps market your services and products and connect you with potential clients. You can use platforms like Instagram or Facebook to showcase your work. You can also open an online store or use platforms like Etsy or eBay, where potential clients can purchase your product directly.

If you make quality items, there’s a good chance you’ll make a decent income from them. However, you must consider the type of wood products. When selling online, you can start with smaller projects that can be quickly shipped rather than large wooden projects such as furniture. But when you advance your business, you can consider dealing with large wood projects and offering delivery services to your clients.

Another way you can sell your woodwork is at a flea market or outdoor market like craft fairs. This can be a good option for large woodworking projects such as furniture since it will save you shipping costs. You can also sell your wood products door to door.

Flip Furniture

Another way how to make money woodworking is by flipping furniture. This involves looking for furniture you have not made, sanding it down, refinishing it if need be, and then selling it at a profit. You can search for furniture at thrift stores, online, or at yard sales. 

However, the options can be hit-or-miss compared to other methods. This is because you’ll always depend on others to source your inventory. Additionally, it can be hard to find pieces that will sell for a profit.

Start a woodworking blog

What if you’re talented twice? Yes, with making woodwork and writing about and sharing opinions on woodworking! You can really do magic. You can start a woodworking blog, write about woodworking as a profession, and share your opinion with others. 

A blog is a great way to make extra money. It takes patience to run a blog, but it’s possible to make even thousands of dollars monthly when you gain a following. 

To gain command, you need to make sure you create high-quality and helpful content. You must also market your blog through social media, SEO, and email marketing. 

Start a woodworking YouTube channel.

You can additionally monetize your woodworking skills by creating content about woodworking and sharing it on YouTube. Starting a YouTube channel takes time, much like starting a blog, but it is always worthwhile.

You can also use your woodworking YouTube channel to display ads, affiliate marketing links, or sell products. You will earn extra money from commissions earned. 

Sell a course on woodworking.

This can be made even easier when you have a blog or a YouTube channel that you can use to market your courses. You can teach aspiring woodworkers some of your skills, if not all, on how to come up with outstanding and beautiful pieces of art. The classes can be taken online, but it’s better in person for a more straightforward demonstration of the process. 

Open a woodworking Store

You can rent or build a physical woodworking shop or store. The idea requires resources, so you should think it through. Even though opening up such a store can be expensive, the business can be very profitable in some cases. However, you should know the risks of setting up a woodworking store, especially fire. 

Tools you need for your woodworking business 

If you want to maximize your earnings in woodworking, you need to invest in quality tools. 

Getting the required tools can help you produce better products and save you time and money in the long run. Therefore, if you want to take on larger and more profitable projects down the line, quality tools are a must! 

Here are the essential woodworking tools you will need:

  • Wood
  • Saws, whereby you can choose to go for circular or jigsaw. 
  • Wood glue
  • Hammers
  • Power drill
  • Sanding blocks
  • Wrenches
  • Routers
  • Orbital Sander
  • Screwdrivers
  • Dust vacuum
  • Clamps
  • Shop vacs
  • Proper wood carving tools, etc.

When you have quality tools, you won’t have to deal with repairs as frequently or replacements. Additionally, that is a considerable number of tools, meaning you need more space.

Tips to maximize woodworking earnings

Starting small

You won’t start earning right away, but that doesn’t mean you don’t start. Begin by selling small items, whether birdhouses, cutting boards, or bookends. This is because the product requires fewer materials and takes little time to create. Even with limited resources, you can find a way to make them. 

Getting creative

Woodworking requires thinking outside the box. Your crafts can be made in a variety of different ways. The more creative your projects are, the more likely it is that someone will want to buy your work. 

Take outstanding photography of your work for online marketing.

You need quality photos of your woodwork that you’ll use to market it online. You, therefore, need to invest in high-quality photography, either by buying a camera or hiring a photographer. Make sure it’s the same thing customers meet at your shop.


You now know how to make money woodworking. You can turn your passion for woodworking into money with the correct tools and a solid business plan. However, turning your passion into a successful business enterprise requires commitment and creativity!

There are many ways to make money woodworking, from making outstanding wood products to selling them online, at craft fairs or even door-to-door. However, the best way to make money in woodworking is to identify a niche market and become an expert in that field.

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