I’m not good at anything what should I major in

In everyday life, uncertainty is common, especially in high school, when you feel like you’re not good at anything. Whatever made you feel like you were “poor at everything” could be that you never had enough self-confidence or that you’re good at something else.

You need something or someone to boost your self-confidence. What about right now? Do you have any ideas about what you like to do?

It’s not necessary to be “excellent” at it. Simply continue doing it because you like it. You will eventually get more proficient at it. Practice makes perfect, as they say. I had poor writing skills, which I work on perfecting daily. 

Speak with your school counselor if you are a high school student. It will be a good start to talk to someone who will encourage you to trust yourself and cultivate your interests and curiosity.

Therefore, if you have the question, “I’m not good at anything; what should I major in?” Here are 11 majors if you think you are not good at anything.

11 majors if you think you are not good at anything

The fact that no one knows what their college major will be or even which university they will attend is the most shocking high school secret I’ve witnessed. “Follow your passion,” or someone else will say, “I’m going to this university,” or “going to major in this and that.”

Still, these statements are nothing more than empty boasts designed primarily to boost their popularity. During their time in college, some people decide to pursue a different career path.

Assuming you fall under this classification and think you’re not good at anything, here are a few majors that can help you.

  1. Business
College Student

Business ideas control the world we live in. Life is all about business. As a result, majoring in business opens up a world of possibilities and provides a general degree that can land you good jobs.

Additionally, it serves as a foundation for graduate degrees like MBAs and law degrees. You will find something in an elective class that interests you during your four years as a business major and change your major at that time. But it doesn’t hurt to learn the basics.

Business majors have two significant areas of study. When you major in business, you can later choose to major in sales or marketing, which is a marketing major, or general business management, which is a business management major. You won’t need as many computational skills to improve your creative abilities. 

You can also choose to work in accounting or finance, which require strong quantitative skills but fewer interpersonal skills. Accounting is also an essential skill for any business.

Most accountants went on to study law; a few started their own companies; some became managers; and some went on to work in politics. There are numerous options after choosing to major in business.

  1. Computer Science

Before choosing computer science as your major, make sure you love and are passionate about math. If you hate it, scratch the major off your list. Computer science is a strong field with unlimited possibilities of landing jobs such as software developer, computer/information system scientist, etc. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and information technology occupations is expected to rise by 15% between 2021 and 2031. The rate of growth is significantly higher than the industry average.

This indicates an anticipated increase of 682,800 new computer scientist jobs over the next decade.

  1. Engineering

To begin, I would like to ask you to “please match up your skills, interests, and passions with what there’s a hot job market for.”

Engineering is one of the industry’s hot fields and one of the jobs that will pay the most in the next ten years. However, as always, if you despise math, cross the major off your list! 

Engineering is a decent major if you feel you’re not good at anything and are unsure what to major in. Later, you can decide whether to major in mechanical, electrical, civil, or chemical engineering.

As an engineering specialist, you are supposed to define, address, and solve problems. You might work as a civil engineer, for instance, designing rockets (systems) and moving dirt.

Even if you don’t want to be an engineer, you can still benefit from studying the major.

  1. Nursing

Another option is nursing, which is the most sought-after profession in the healthcare industry. However, if you want to work in nursing, you need to be good at it and interested in it.

Any healthcare-related major requires a love of and understanding of the sciences, such as chemistry and biology. 

From 2021 to 2031, employment in healthcare occupations is expected to rise by 13%, according to studies. This includes professional fields like registered nursing.

Over the next ten years, the increase is anticipated to create approximately 2 million new jobs. Opportunities arise from the need to replace workers who leave their jobs permanently, in addition to new jobs created by growth.

It is anticipated that healthcare practitioner growth and replacement needs will result in approximately 1.9 million annual openings.

  1. Pharmacy

If you think you’re not good at anything, pharmacy is another healthcare career option you can major in. As an aspiring pharmacist, you need to be interested in chemistry, physics, or biology.

As a pharmacist, you ensure that medicines are distributed in compliance with the law. You must ensure that patients receive the appropriate medications.

In addition, you must inform patients about medicines, including how to take them and potential side effects, and answer their questions.

  1. Psychology

If you think you’re not good at anything and aren’t sure what you want to specialize in, psychology is another option. Additionally, the major serves as a gateway to graduate school.

You’ll be studying the human mind and behavior as a psychologist. You will need to acquire skills that will help you to comprehend mental processes, brain functions, and behavior fully.

With a degree in psychology, you can work in many different fields.

  1. Political Science

I’m not good at anything. What should I major in? Try political science.

You should be knowledgeable in English as well as any three other humanities or social sciences, such as sociology, economics, and geography.

You can work as an activist, consumer advocate, or foreign correspondent after earning a degree in political science.


If you are always saying, “I’m not good at anything what should I major in?” There is a list of all the majors you can choose from. Choose a subject that interests you.

Deciding what you want to do with your life is the first step in choosing a major. Don’t stress. Although you are not required to know right away, it is essential to begin considering it and weighing your options.

You can narrow down what you want to study as a major once you have figured that out. At that point, it may be helpful to talk with an academic advisor or someone else in the field. 

Pick something you enjoy doing. If you enjoy what you study, working on it will come out naturally, and you will never have to worry about choosing a major.

Your major is just a starting point in college. Your career will be a long journey filled with various experiences, just like everything else in life.

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