Jobs for people who can keep a secret

One of the biggest challenges, especially around workplaces, is keeping a secret. On the other hand, you can be one of the best people to keep information to yourself. 

If you’re among the few people who can keep secrets, you can venture into professions that require you to do so. It’s like acting as a spy. 

You have to keep your cool while being surrounded by enemies, avoid getting caught, and even have the ability to do some fieldwork! And let’s be honest. Such professions aren’t a walk in the park because you first need to know when to keep your mouth shut!

9 Jobs for people who can keep a secret

  1. Psychiatrist

One of the jobs for people who can keep a secret is as a psychiatrist. This is because you receive people’s deepest secrets about their mental issues every minute. 

And these are not secrets you tell everybody, not even the patient’s closest friends or family. You need to keep the shared information to yourself. 

Otherwise, when exposed, some information can result in the patient committing suicide. Thus the need for you to keep your mouth shut! 

You should never share even the medication you have prescribed for a patient. Therefore, if you can keep a secret, you can venture into this profession.

Furthermore, it’s lawfully bound to keep your patients’ records confidential. In some cases, you must testify in court about what your patients shared in therapy sessions, meaning you can’t afford to spill any secrets.

Average salary: $232,887

Education requirements: A bachelor’s degree in medicine

  1. FBI special agent

If you’re an action movie enthusiast, you have likely watched the FBI special agents, some of whom went as far as their enemy’s territory to spy on them. Well, that happens in real life, and you can’t happen to “sell” yourself out; otherwise, you’ll end up dead. 

Therefore, the job calls for people with high intelligence, secretiveness, creativity, and clear communication. As an FBI special agent, you’re responsible for law enforcement responsibilities. 

You are also requested to participate in special missions investigating operators suspected of breaking federal law. You can be sent to investigate suspected national or transnational serial killers, terrorists, or kidnappers.

Average salary: $115,079

Education requirements: No major education requirements, but you must have a degree. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or political science is mainly preferred.

  1. Cybersecurity analyst

Some businesses require high levels of data security. Let’s say absolutely every company. They’re always at high risk of receiving cyber attacks and being accessed by unauthorized personnel. 

Hence the need to employ cybersecurity analysts, which are some jobs for people who can keep a secret. You should know about security across various platforms and understand hacking. 

You need to defend your organization’s computer networks against cyber threats. You’ll be responsible for responding to security breaches anytime they happen. 

You should always keep your company’s valuable data safe from theft or unauthorized access. The profession requires someone who can keep a secret since much of the information is sensitive and can cause damage when accessed by the wrong hands.

Average salary: $107,580

Education requirements: A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, computer and information technology, or a related field like math or engineering.

  1. Lawyer

As a lawyer, you’ll be dealing with confidential client information. You must be able to keep strict confidentiality arrangements between you and your client. 

Although you’re required to defend your client in court, you protect them, keeping sensitive information out of the discussion. As such, you must be able to handle sensitive information while respecting the attorney-client privilege

You should know as a lawyer, you can land in hot soup if you breach any of your confidentiality agreements. You can face serious legal consequences.

Average salary: $123,796

Education requirements: A bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctor (J.D.).

  1. Physician

In the medical field, almost every position requires someone who can keep a secret, including a physician. 

While you’re a physician, you’ll require truthful reports from your patient to diagnose them correctly. This calls for a great deal of trust from you (physician). You, patients, need their information kept private. 

The profession requires keen attention to detail and knowledge of HIPAA regulations regarding patient privacy, making it among the ideal jobs for people who can keep a secret.

Average salary: $206,739

Education requirements: A bachelor’s degree in medicine.

  1. Security guard

Loose lips sink ships is a better proverb/idiom that fits a security guard or any other person working in the security industry. The industry requires someone discreet and dislikes sharing personal information. 

Whether you’re hired at a residential home or an organization, you must keep all security details private. You should never share access codes of your workplace, the timing of your rounds, or any other information you’re assigned to watch over. 

Average salary: $42,199 

Education requirements: Mostly high school diploma. Some companies may require you to have an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

  1. Detective

The greatest detective’s responsibility is crime investigation, e.g., robbery. In addition, you can be hired as a private investigator or act as a member of the police to survey and investigate homicides and drugs. 

You are required to investigate forensic evidence and record all findings. Sometimes you may be needed to give proof of your findings in court.

You need problem-solving, written communication, detail-oriented, and critical thinking skills. You must be of ethical behavior and can understand human behavior and psychology.

Average salary: $76,644

Education requirements: A high school diploma can do. However, in most cases, you need a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a field related to criminal justice.

  1. Nuclear engineer

As a nuclear engineer, you must conduct in-depth research on enhancing the performance of nuclear power plants. Additionally, you are in charge of developing medical technologies. 

As a result, you will likely collaborate with the federal government, defense contractors, utility companies, or engineering testing units. As a result, you will have access to more private information, such as blueprints and photographs of the nuclear power plant’s interior. 

Criminals may be able to gain entry and access potentially hazardous materials if such information is accidentally leaked to the public.

Average salary: $247,884

Education requirements: A bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering, business, or a related technical field.

  1. Legal Secretary

The last but not least job for people who can keep a secret is as a legal secretary. A legal secretary mainly works in law firms. 

When working in such a workplace, you’re responsible for maintaining confidentiality. Some responsibilities may include keeping client files and other sensitive information private.

You need legal knowledge, which may include court proceedings and government regulations. You must be thorough and detail-oriented, patient, and can be calm in stressful situations. 

Average salary: $58,291

Education requirements: A high school diploma or GED certificate. Some employers will require an associate’s degree in a related field.

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If you have the ability to keep a secret, here is our list of the 9 jobs for people who can keep a secret. All professions require one thing in common: knowing when to shut your mouth! 

You must know how to secure private information while protecting your client’s interests. You need to be discreet and be someone who can maintain confidentiality.

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