Jobs that pay $40 an hour (without a degree or experience)

You can land yourself a job that pays $40 an hour, even without a degree or experience. Having no experience or degree does not mean you’ll only land “tedious jobs” unless you choose to. 

Fortunately, many high-paying jobs don’t require a degree or experience and pay you $40 an hour. The article will focus on the 9 jobs that pay $40 an hour (without a degree or experience).

9 Jobs pay $40 an hour (without a degree or experience)

You can make a good living without a college degree or prior experience. You only need to have a few functional skills or, at most, high school certifications. 

Here are a few job options that pay $40 an hour and don’t require a degree or experience. 

  1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is among the top jobs that pay $40 an hour without a degree or experience. The job is one of the most in-demand jobs worldwide at the moment. 

There is a high demand for content, technology, and copywriters, especially from businesses. Every day, companies look for content writers to generate content for their internal resources. They need instructional manuals and other documents they would like to have written, hence the need for freelance writers. 

As a freelance writer, you can earn between $33 and $75. You can be hired on a project-by-project basis to write or edit various types of content. However, you must have some skills and techniques to prevail in the competitive industry. 

You need excellent writing and communication skills. You ought to likewise be familiar with the use of computers and laptops. Additionally, you need to be prepared, have a lot of self-starting initiative, and be able to market yourself.

Some of the best sites to source clients are Upwork and Fiverr.

  1. Makeup Artist

A job as a makeup artist is flexible and can pay you anywhere from $13 to $40 per hour. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, makeup artists are becoming the highest-paid cosmetologists. 

Therefore, becoming a makeup artist is another job that pays $40 an hour without a degree or experience. However, you will need a state-mandated license to practice makeup artistry in the USA. 

You can also pursue a certificate that will qualify you as a professional makeup artist. You need to be knowledgeable about using your makeup kit and always focus on producing good results. You also need to be creative.

  1. Transcriptionist

As a transcriptionist, you can land a job that pays you around $25 to $40 per hour. Your task will be to listen to audio files and write them down in text documents. 

Some companies actually pay you per minute of transcribed audio. That means your earnings will be determined by the time it takes you to transcribe a given audio file. 

You don’t need experience or a degree, but you do need good-quality headphones. Additionally, you need a computer and an internet connection. 

Some of the skills you need as a transcriptionist are fast and accurate typing, editing, grammar, proofreading, and multitasking skills. You also need to have strong listening skills.

  1. Personal Fitness Instructor

As a personal fitness instructor, you spend most of your time working out and training others how to stay fit. Therefore, you have to love working out to be a fitness instructor. 

As a personal trainer, you’ll work one-on-one with your clients. You will have the responsibility to help them develop a perfect fitness plan. 

Additionally, you help them keep up with their workout routine, depending on their specific requirements.

You can earn around $40 to $50 an hour as a personal fitness instructor. Some of the skills you need are emotional intelligence, empathy, and good communication skills. 

You also need to be patient and motivating and have some technical knowledge, especially about gym equipment. 

  1. Bartender

Being a bartender is another job that pays $40 an hour without a degree or experience. You can bartend as a part-time job, especially on the weekends. 

Your salary as a bartender will mainly depend on the type of bar you’re working at and the customers. Otherwise, you can earn between $10 and $75, including if you get lucky on tips.

Flexibility, good communication, and organization skills are some of the skills you require. You need a good memory as a bartender. 

You also need to be friendly and have knowledge of mixology and the preparation of trending drinks or obscure concoctions.

  1. Dog Walker

If you’re good with dogs, you can make some extra cash by spending time with them. Walking dogs is not only beneficial to the dogs but also good for your health. You can get some exercise while keeping some dogs company on your walk.

As a dog walker, you will handle them when the owners are away from home. You can earn as little as $13 per hour or as much as $50 per hour.

You need to be responsible, comfortable around dogs, and physically fit. You can also attend a training session to learn about and understand dogs’ various behaviors. 

You’ll get a certificate that will make you stand out as a dog walker and, more importantly, get a license!

  1. Uber Driver

As an uber driver, you’ll need a driver app to help you connect with someone looking for a ride. You earn money anytime you complete a trip. 

You can expect to earn nearly $50 an hour, especially in large cities. You must be at least the legal age to drive in your city to become an Uber driver. 

Additionally, you must have an eligible mode of transportation and submit the necessary documents, such as a valid driver’s license. In addition, you must pass a background check. 

You can also choose to be a delivery driver, truck driver, or taxi driver. All these jobs can earn you up to $40 an hour in many parts of the US. They require no university degree! 

  1. Proofreader

If you feel you can become a better proofreader than a writer, go for it. You don’t need much creativity as you would as a writer. 

You must understand grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and syntax well. The most important skill you need is a keen eye for errors. 

You need to be able to concentrate for an extended period as a proofreader. Additionally, you need to be neat and accurate with your work. 

You need some organizational skills and to be a good time manager, especially in meeting deadlines. Lastly, you need to enjoy working on your own with less to no supervision.

  1. Virtual Assistant

With an average pay of $27, becoming a virtual assistant is another job that pays $40 an hour without a degree or experience. You can make as low as $24 to $45. 

Some skills you’ll need as a virtual assent include good communication skills, computer literacy, attention to detail, and effective decision-making. You need to be creative, self-motivated, and disciplined.

Your duties include responding to emails and phone calls, scheduling meetings, and making call lists. Others are booking travel and accommodations, preparing customer spreadsheets, and keeping online records.

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Many jobs don’t require a degree or experience. Some are even some of the highest jobs in the market currently. Some jobs, such as freelance writer, makeup artist, and fitness instructor, sell like hot cake. 

You just need to be committed. The jobs require you to have skills you can, fortunately, learn online or through training without attending a degree class! 

You need to find what you’re interested abt and go with it. Plenty of jobs pay $40 an hour or more, and you don’t need a degree or experience to get them. 

Many of these jobs only require a high school diploma or equivalent. So if you’re looking for a well-paying job, don’t rule out the ones that don’t need a college degree. You might be surprised at how much money you can make.

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