Jobs that pay you to travel with no experience

If you love adventure, and exploring new places across the globe, you can travel for leisure and still get paid while doing it.

There are plenty of opportunities in the travel industry that allow indivuduals to travel the world and still get paid. Whether you prefer to travel by road, by air, or across the waters, there is nearly an opportunity for everyone. 

Keep reading to know which jobs pay you to travel with no experience. 

10 jobs that pay you to travel with no experience

Traveling can be rewarding, fun, and exciting, and you can also make a living out of it. Here are jobs in the travel industry that require no experience: 

Tour guide

As a tour guide, you can lead tours in different cities and countries worldwide. Your responsibilities as a tour guide include leading groups of tourists to popular destinations and providing information about a given area’s history, culture, and attractions. Mostly, you’ll work with tourists, showing them around the area and telling them about the local sights and activities. 

There is no formal education required for a tour guide. However, you should have deep knowledge of the area you’re guiding and be comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people. You can go home with a good paycheck as a tour guide, earning an hourly average of $22.02. Besides a salary, you’ll also get discounts on tours and events. 

Travel photographer

When you’re a photographer, your creativity keeps you in the game. Furthermore, as a travel photographer, you must capture high-quality images of various locations around the world, whether for a company or for personal use. 

Your work can be used in travel magazines, advertisements, and online prints. No specific experience is required, but to stand out as a successful photographer, you must have a strong eye for composition and understand all photography fundamentals. 

You can earn between $16.88 and $40 per hour as a travel photographer, depending on your experience.

Flight attendant

A flight attendant job is one of the highly competitive fields and still among the highest paying jobs without a degree or experience

You need skills such as excellent customer service and the ability to stay calm under pressure. As a flight attendant, you will frequently travel to different cities and countries and may even receive free or discounted airfare. 

Some of the responsibilities include ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers during the flights. You also need to serve them meals and drinks and provide in-flight entertainment. 

No prior experience is needed to be a flight attendant, but most airlines prefer candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent. Earnings range from $9.08 for a newbie to $58.98 per hour for an experienced flight attendant.

Truck driver

As a truck driver, your job is to deliver cargo across cities, states, or even to other countries. It requires commitment, which may necessitate staying away from family for a few days and traveling alone most of the time. 

Since your job requires you to drive for long periods of time, sometimes even days, you receive a substantial paycheck as compensation. Besides driving for a paycheck, you can see beautiful scenery along the roads, beautiful cities, and more.

Some laws and regulations state how long you should drive as a truck driver, which may vary between state and country. You need no experience, but you must have a driving license which may require you to complete truck driving school. The profession choice is also perfect for people with no skills.

You can earn between $22 and $28 per hour as a truck driver.

Event planner

Working as an event planner is one of the most lucrative jobs that pay you to travel with no experience. It may involve a lot of travel, especially when hired by a company or individual for entertainment events. 

You can send your pitches to businesses participating in large business forums or agencies planning weddings in exotic places. You should visit where the client’s event will take place before the day of the event for comprehensive planning. 

You should be flexible to changes, attentive to detail, a problem solver, and a proactive communicator. You also need organization and time management skills. As an event planner, you can earn an average hourly wage of $24.49.

Cruise ship staff

Working on a cruise ship gives you opportunities to see multiple destinations. And the second best thing is that most cruise lines hire from around the world. 

Cruise ships are like floating resorts with various jobs available, including serving food and drinks, working in the spa, and providing entertainment onboard. To apply, you do not need any prior work experience. They will mostly offer on-the-job training to new hires.

You can expect to earn as low as $14.18 to as high as $45.31 per hour as a cruise ship staff.

Travel blogger

If you want to travel and still do something you love, you can become a freelance writer and focus on the travel niche. This is a great way to make money while exploring different cultures worldwide. It’s also a great way to practice your writing skills while earning an income at the same time. 

You can start a blog, write content about your travels, and share your experiences with others. You can also add videos and photos of your destinations to assist prospective travelers. 

No specific experience is required, but you need a strong writing voice and an eye for compelling photography to be a successful travel blogger. You can earn around $41.60 an hour on average.

Athletes and sports competitors

To become an athlete or sports competitor, you must have talent. You get to travel a lot as an athlete or sports competitor. 

Sports tournaments are frequently held in many locations, and several international competitions occur yearly. You’ll get to travel with your team from one state to the next and worldwide if you decide to pursue a career in sports. 

You can join the kind of sport you love and start honing your skills, whether you enjoy athletics, basketball, American football, or soccer. The earning may vary across different kinds of sports and will also highly depend on your skills. However, on average, you can make $24.87 per hour.

Theatrical and performance

Besides being one of the most competitive fields, working in theater and performance are among the travel jobs that don’t require experience. You will need to have specific skills and talent. 

You can do anything from acting, dancing, and singing by performing at hotel shows. Other places you can perform include amusement parks, summer camps, or a backup on tours. 

You can pursue your passions while earning a living traveling the world. You can make between $22 and $33 an hour.

Au pair

As an au pair, you get hosted by a family and live with them without paying house bills. However, you can look after their kids in exchange for room or board and may be paid a little stipend. 

This is a great way to see a new country and culture while also getting paid to do something you love (if you enjoy taking care of kids). You are given a minimum of $195.75 per week in the USA as pocket money.


Travel is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your life. You get to see the world, meet new people, and enjoy unique experiences. And besides that, you can decide to make a living out of your traveling.

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