Jobs That Work 4 Days a Week With No Reduction in Salary

The traditional 9–5 work week is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and a growing number of companies now offer flexible work schedules. The 4-day workweek is one such work schedule. 

A 4-day work week increases your employee satisfaction and helps reduce stress levels due to work overload. It also offers a better balance between work and life. 

Keep reading to explore the various jobs that work 4 days a week with no reduction in salary, the requirements, necessary skills, and hourly wages.

9 Jobs That Offer 4 Days Work Week

Software Developer

You can choose to work 4 days a week as a software developer. It is also among the best paying jobs that don’t require standing. This is because the profession offers flexibility; it depends on what you have on your schedule and how fast you want to complete it. 

If you have software applications to design, develop, or maintain, you can easily fit them into your schedule in four days. 

To work as a software developer, you need an undergraduate degree in computer science or a closely related field. You must be familiar with Python, C++, and Java programming languages. 

You can expect to earn an average of $50.56 per hour as a software engineer.


Teaching is another profession that can offer you a 4-day workweek. However, this can be highly influenced by the school district’s or educational institution’s policies. 

Many schools in the USA have moved to a 4-day school week in recent years due to budget constraints and a desire to provide more family flexibility. You can also work part-time as a teacher, allowing for a 4-day workweek.

But remember, the availability of a 4-day workweek for teachers may vary by location and school district policies. It may only be an option for some subjects or grade levels. 

To become a teacher, one must have a state teaching license and a bachelor’s degree. You can earn an average hourly wage of $28.57 as a teacher in the USA.


Nursing is a demanding career that calls for long hours and high levels of both physical and emotional stamina. 

Due to how demanding the job is, there has been a growing trend toward implementing a 4-day workweek for nurses. If you’re an aspiring nurse, the approach has numerous benefits not only for you as a nurse but for your patients too.

One of the main advantages of a 4-day workweek is that you get more time to rest and recharge. This, in turn, can lead to better job satisfaction, lower rates of burnout, and improved patient care. Additionally, a shorter workweek can make nursing a more attractive career option, which can help to address the ongoing nursing shortage.

A 4-day workweek can help you improve your well-being as a nurse and the quality of care you can provide. 

Healthcare organizations should consider implementing this approach to ensure that nurses can provide the best possible care to their patients while maintaining their health and well-being.

To work as a nurse, you need to have a degree in nursing and pass a licensing exam. You can earn an average hourly wage of $34.48 in the USA. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is another profession where it is possible to implement a 4-day workweek. It among is the best entry level jobs where you can sit down.

The job is highly demanding and requires significant concentration and focus. Hence, implementing a 4-day workweek will give you more time to work on each project to produce the best work while maintaining your well-being.

This can therefore result in better designs and outcomes for your clients. Additionally, a shorter workweek can help prevent burnout and improve work-life balance, enhancing job satisfaction and creativity. 

You will need to have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a closely related discipline, and expertise in design programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is necessary. 

On average, you can make $23.31 per hour as a graphic designer.


Writing offers much flexibility and a class for high creativity and intelligence. 

Writing, too, demands a great deal of focus and concentration. Therefore implementing a 4-day workweek gives you time to rest and recharge, giving you more time to focus on your writing projects. As a result, you get to produce high-quality writing. You ensure to produce your best work while maintaining their well-being.

Excellent writing and communication skills are necessary to succeed as a writer. It is far more favorable to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, like journalism or English. 

In the US, you can expect to earn an hourly income of $24.60.

Social Worker

As a social worker, you help individuals and communities in need, such as those dealing with addiction and mental health issues. You can land jobs in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, or hospitals. 

Social work offers the option to work four days a week, offering greater work-life balance and reduced burnout. It gives you an additional day to recharge, pursue personal interests, or care for your family members. This can potentially improve your mental health, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Some employees may require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social work and a state license. You can earn up to $34 per hour in the United States.


Accounting involves managing financial records, preparing tax returns, and providing financial advice to individuals and businesses. 

While you might be required to work full-time, you can work four days a week. A four-day workweek can be valuable as an accountant if you’re seeking a better balance between your personal and professional lives. 

Despite the potential challenges related to workload management and meeting deadlines, a four-day workweek can increase your productivity and job satisfaction. 

You need a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a closely related discipline and get certified as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). You can make $32.88 per hour as an accountant. 

Personal Trainer

Personal training entails developing exercise plans and guiding your clients toward their fitness goals. This is another field where you can choose to work full-time, and you can also choose to work four days a week. 

A four-day workweek can give you more time to rest, recover, and pursue personal interests while reducing burnout and fatigue. Additionally, a 4-day workweek can attract and retain clients who prioritize flexible scheduling and work-life balance. 

Implementing a four-day workweek as a personal trainer can contribute to higher job satisfaction, better mental and physical health, and a more sustainable career in the personal training industry. 

You must obtain a professional personal trainer certification from a respectable organization, such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) or the American Council on Exercise (ACE). In the USA, a personal trainer makes an average of $30.12 per hour.

Marketing Manager

You are responsible for managing marketing campaigns and devising strategies to advertise the company’s goods or services. 

As a marketing manager, you don’t need to work full-time because you can choose to work four days a week. A four-day workweek can provide you with greater work-life balance and flexibility. 

To become a marketing manager, one must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, or a related field, as well as relevant experience in marketing or advertising. In the United States, a marketing manager earns $56.44 on average per hour. 


A 4-day workweek increases productivity, job satisfaction, and retention while reducing stress and absenteeism. Among the jobs that can offer you to work 4 days a week include software developer, teacher, nurse, graphic designer, writer, social worker, accountant, personal trainer, and marketing manager. 

A 4-day workweek also benefits employers since it reduces overhead costs and improves employee morale. However, implementing a 4-day work week may only be feasible for some industries or job roles and require careful planning and consideration.

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