Jobs where you don’t have to talk to people

If you are an introvert, you probably hate talking to people most of the time. 

Luckily, there are plenty of work opportunities that allow you to work silently and get paid well. Such opportunities exist in both the formal and informal sectors-you can work from virtually anywhere, manage your schedules, and best of all, you don’t need to talk to people.

Read on to see the exciting jobs where you can work and get paid without talking to people.

8 jobs where you don’t have to talk to people!

If you don’t like to talk to people, you can still make money by working in a field that doesn’t require you to. Here are 8 jobs where you don’t have to talk to people.


You can start a blog as a blogger or pitch ideas for existing blogs. You’ll create, research, write for, and maintain the blog. You’ll edit, publish, and promote the blog content. You can attract new readers by promoting your recent posts through advertisements. 

You can promote your content through emails, social media, and other channels. This way, you can educate your blog readers about your interests, products, or services. All this happens without talking to anyone! You will only be working full-time behind a keyboard. 

To become a proficient blogger, you must keep improving your writing skills. Additionally, you need to perfect your English language to reach a larger audience. In addition, you’ll need to write content that keeps readers interested in your blog.

Blogger salaries in the United States range from $25,500 to $52,500. According to ZipRecruiter, the highest earners earn $80,500 annually. 


You can become a transcriber if you don’t want to talk to people. As a transcriber, you’ll be transcribing audio files into text format. You have seen some videos, especially movies with subtitles running over your screen. That explains how transcription works. 

You get to listen to audio files and then write or put down what is communicated in the audio file in text format. As a transcriber, you need to have high-quality earphones. You also need strong listening skills, be fast and accurate in writing, and you can multitask. 

The profession calls for commitment and full involvement to produce excellent work. As a transcriptionist, your average hourly pay can be around $16.00.

Data entry clerk

Data entry clerk is another job where you don’t have to talk to people. However, you can only collaborate with a Document Controller (If hired by a company). The document controller is in charge of verifying the accuracy of various documents. The document controller scans the documents and arranges them in the appropriate locations. That makes it easy for workers to locate the documents. 

On the other hand, you will be responsible for managing and maintaining efficient record-keeping. You’ll be entering data into various computer databases, combining all company records into a single table or file, and sorting them according to the data criteria needed. You need to perfect your typing speed and accuracy for better pay. The average annual per for a data entry clerk is $36,153.

Truck driver

As a truck driver, most of your time is spent moving goods and freights from one location to another. Truck drivers can travel between 965 and 1046 kilometers in a single day. According to federal law, a truck driver cannot drive for more than 11 hours in 24 hours. However, the distance covered will vary on the weather, traffic, and route. 

You must be reliable/trustworthy and have basic mechanical knowledge. Most importantly, you must have the right driving skills to drive a truck. You must be over 21 to be a truck driver in the United States. You’ll need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The average annual salary for truck drivers is $70,031.

Laboratory Technician

As a laboratory technician, the maximum number of people you’ll talk to will be two to three. As a result, this is yet another job where you don’t have to talk to people. 

You’ll only be responsible for receiving, testing, and analyzing samples. After analysis, you return reports that assist the scientist/chemist in determining how to proceed. Some skills you’ll need as a lab tech include meticulous attention to detail, independence, and analytical skills. 

The profession requires a formal qualification. You’re needed at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in clinical laboratory science. The average salary for a lab tech is $63,708 per year.

Social media manager

An online social media manager is another job where you don’t have to talk to people. You are responsible for everything you post on a social media account. That includes status updates, comments, images, videos, and links posted. 

If hired, you will oversee the company’s interactions with the public. You’ll be implementing content strategies on their social media platforms. You’ll also analyze the company’s engagement data on the social media platform. You must analyze customer interactions with the social media page. You also plan digital marketing campaigns to build the company’s online communities. 

You need to maintain an online presence. This allows you to check each post’s quality regularly to ensure it complies with the company’s social media guidelines. You must be creative and efficient and have top-notch organizational skills and agility. The average salary for a social media manager is $72,811.

Video Editor

As a video editor, you’ll spend most of your time editing, with little to no interaction with other people. As a result of the process’s complexity, less discussion and more work are required. You’ll need to edit camera footage, dialogue, graphics, special effects, and other materials before assembling the recorded raw material into a suitable, broadcast-ready finished product. 

You, therefore, must have a passion and interest in film and video editing. Added skills include a keen eye for detail, creativity, patience, and concentration. Most importantly, you should have self-motivation, commitment, and dedication. A formal qualification, like a bachelor’s degree in communications or a field related to film or broadcasting, is required. 

The average salary for a video editor is $58,931.


Do you enjoy studying history and keeping records? If you want a job where you don’t have to talk to people, an archivist is your ideal choice. 

You will assess, collect, organize, preserve, maintain, and provide access to records and archives determined to have long-term value. Some records may include letters, diaries, logs, other personal documents, government records, sound or picture recordings, digital files, and other physical objects. 

It’s beneficial to have a passionate interest in history and information management, research skills, trustworthiness, and database skills. The average salary for an archivist is $52,335.

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Even if you dislike conversing with others or hate people, you can still find ways to earn money and achieve financial success. When you’re an introvert, you probably don’t like talking to people and find it hard to land a job. But don’t worry. The highlighted professions are the perfect jobs where you don’t have to talk to people. 

Even if a company hires you, you will likely have your own office where you carry out your responsibilities. Some jobs require you to sit at home behind a computer and complete the tasks. 

Each job requires specific qualifications and skills. Make sure you first follow your passion. A passionate talent for any profession will help you stay consistent, committed, dedicated, and self-motivated, while other occupations require creativity to stand out among competitors. As we have seen, the professionals are well paying, so there is no reason why you cannot earn a good living.

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