What age can you buy a house?

What age can you buy a house? Everyone possibly dreams of owning a home. And when some of you start saving when they are still in their 18s or below, others consider investing in stocks and bonds instead. And others are buying houses. 

All of these are possible at the right age with the right resources. If you’re considering owning a home, you may need help deciding whether to buy a home right now or wait until you grow older.

Buying a house can be a lifelong dream for many people. However, at what age is it possible to buy a house? If you are looking to buy a house and have been searching on many real estate websites, you may have found that there is no such thing as an age cap on real estate purchases. 

However, in the USA, you are legal to buy and own a house at the age of 18, which is typically the age of the majority, without even a co-signer. Some states, however, require you to be 21 years (the age of majority) to own a house legally. 

When is it advisable for you to purchase a house?

Owning a house requires you to make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you. You might want to consider conditions such as,

  • Recurring expenses and Monthly Payment that comes with owning a home.
  • Ability to secure a mortgage. That is, you need a solid debt-to-income ratio (DTI) such that your debts don’t outweigh your earnings.
  • A stable source of income.
  • You are ready to be responsible for your home maintenance.
  • You can come up with reasonable down payments and can cover closing costs.
  • Be prepared to stay at one geographical location.

Can you buy a house as a minor?

In the United States, you can own a house as a minor, but you need a co-signer of legal age to sign the legal documents. As a minor, you cannot legally sign the contracts necessary for a real estate transaction. 

You can only sign legal agreements or complete real estate transactions with a grown-up of lawful age. The legal documents can be co-signed by a parent, friend, family member, or spouse. Your co-signer needs to have income, little to no debt, and be creditworthy.  

The home title may bear your name as a minor, but you won’t be able to do anything with it until you are of legal age. That implies you can’t sell the house in the event that you need to.

Can you buy a house at the age of 17 or below?

You technically have the right to purchase a home if you have early emancipation, which you can obtain at any age between the ages of 17 and 16. You become a legal adult upon early emancipation, and even your parents are no longer obligated to support you. 

However, the regulations will differ from state to state. On the other hand, real estate does not discriminate based on age; however, that will be decided by the minimum age at which a mortgage note can be legally enforced in the state where the property is located.

Can I buy a house at 18 with no credit?

If you have no credit, it simply means you have no record of managing or handling credit accounts in the past, meaning you have no credit score. Lenders can have a more challenging time assessing your risk when you don’t have a credit score to go on. 

This can worsen when you’re 18 and want to buy a house. You’ll need to go the extra mile to find the right lender. In addition, be prepared to provide additional documentation to show a record of paying bills on time. You can give a record of your repaid debts, such as student loans, car, and credit cards, known as a traditional credit history.

You can buy a house at 18 with no credit if you have a traditional credit history that shows your ability to pay your bills on time. You can also look for a “no credit mortgage lender” willing to do manual underwriting. This indicates that they will conduct a hands-on investigation into your capacity to repay debts to confirm your ability to manage debt repayments.

Pros of buying a house at a young

You can start building wealth.

The first step toward increasing your net worth is owning a home. When you own a home, you must make monthly payments which help you build equity. You can later use the equity in your home to buy another home or meet other needs in the future. 

You stop throwing money on rent.

At the point when you own a home, you quit giving 100 percent of your month-to-month rent payments to a property manager. You can thus “save” equity equivalent to a portion of your monthly payment when you own a home.

You become more responsible in managing finances and budgeting.

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to managing your finances and creating a budget. You learn to become more mature in your financial decisions.

You own a place you can call yours.

When you own a home, you are in charge of everything. You don’t have to ask anyone else for permission to make any changes to your home. You can make any improvements you see right and customize your home to your liking.

Cons of buying a house at a young

You’re responsible for all your home maintenance.

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility which includes maintaining it. You don’t want a home with An unkempt lawn, overhanging trees, or vegetation around your home. That sounds very absurd. However, dealing with all that comes with extra costs. And when you’re a homeowner, the money will come out of your pocket. Are you ready for such?

Be prepared to pay the monthly payments.

When you buy a home, you will be required to make monthly mortgage payments. The payments include mortgages, property taxes, and more. So you must know what you’re getting yourself into.

You are restricted to a single location.

You may have only visited a few states when you are 18 years old. Owning a home can restrict you in a fixed living situation. You can’t buy a house you won’t live in! Right? You’re stuck in one place when your friends tell you how they’re moving from apartment to apartment in different states.


The answer to the question of what age you can buy a house depends on your ability to pay for one! A few elements go into purchasing a home, for example, credit score, income, and work history.

Many people have wanted to own their own home for a long time, and there is a lot of advice to help you get there. On the other hand, it might be more complicated than achieving financial independence. 

Besides, you can own a home as a minor in the USA only if you have a co-signer to help sign the legal documents. Otherwise, the legal age to own a house is 18(the age for the majority). At this age, you can buy a house and sign legal documents without a co-signer.

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