Work from home jobs that provide equipment

One industry that is growing massively is freelancing. I am talking about writing, transcription, managing social media accounts, data analysis, etc. Such opportunities call for 

  • Writers,
  • Medical transcriptionists,
  • Data entry clerks, 
  • Virtual assistants,
  • Customer service representatives,
  • Software Developers,
  • Graphic designers,
  • Online tutors/teachers,
  • Transcriptionists,
  • Social media managers,
  • Technical support specialists, etc.

You can land any of these roles that require you to work from home. Working remotely has grown in popularity among employees and businesses alike. 

And the advancement in technology has eased the whole process. Simply browsing the web can help you find work from home jobs, particularly those that provide equipment. This is not only easy for you as a job seeker but also for potential employers.  

Remote work provides employees the flexibility they need to optimize their productivity and achieve their goals while also enabling them to save money on transportation costs, office space, and other overhead expenses. 

Work from home jobs that provide equipment

Some companies will offer you hardware and software support, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest technology. Therefore, if you’re wondering how to work without investing in equipment, here are 9 legitimate work from home jobs that provide equipment. 

These companies provide computers, USB cables, landlines, and high-speed internet devices. Note that the specific job equipment provided may vary based on the employer and the job.

Some companies may provide a computer and other necessary equipment, while others may only offer a portion of the equipment needed. You can always inquire directly with your to-be employer about the equipment they provide for remote workers for a given position.


You’ve all heard of Amazon, but you might not have noticed that they offer work from home jobs that provide equipment. Yes, they do, and you can take on a full- or part-time role. 

With a wide range of work-from-home opportunities, Amazon tops our list of the 13 work from home jobs that provide equipment. You can apply for roles such as 

  • Customer Service 
  • Software Developer
  • Marketing
  • Senior UX writer
  • Advertising managers
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • HR
  • Software Development 

Amazon will supply you with hardware such as an Amazon-owned laptop, headset, and Ethernet adaptor.

From your side, you need a reliable internet connection. You should also make sure to use the ethernet adaptor to connect the laptop to the router at all times.

You can earn an average hourly pay of $28.60 from an Amazon work from home job.


The famous electronic giant provides iMac computers to employees willing to work from home. 

Apple is behind the iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh computers, and who would hate working for such a company? Not me! Apple often looks for advisors, team managers, and even area managers who will contribute to the company’s growth. 

You will be given an iMac desktop computer along with a headset. They also train you to use these devices and handle customer communication. Of course, you’ll be paid for the training!

You can earn an average hourly pay of $28.47 from an Apple work from home job.

World Travel Holdings

Another company that offers work from home jobs that provide equipment is World Travel Holding

Some of the work from home job opportunities in the company may include 

  • Vacation planners
  • Villa vacation agents
  • Reservation agents
  • Web developers
  • Travel consultants
  • Customer service
  • Sales/negotiation agents
  • Product managers
  • Software engineers, etc.

Upon hiring, you’ll be provided with a computer with a mouse and keyboard, a smartphone, a quality headset, and a webcam, with a refundable setup cost of $250. The company deducts the amount from your first five paychecks. 

A World Travel Holdings work from home job can pay you an average hourly rate of $17 for customer service and $34 for a travel professional.


If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably come across Zapier. Zapier, as a company, provides a tool that helps businesses automate their workflow to maximize productivity. 

Some remote jobs the company offers include customer champions, product marketing managers, data analysts, backend engineers, technical recruiters, etc. 

Some of the equipment they provide includes a computer of your choice with the necessary software setup.

You can earn an average hourly pay of $64 for a customer champion and $144 for an engineering manager from a Zapier work from home job. 


Invision offers work from home jobs that provide equipment. They will provide you with a home office budget to buy your home office equipment. They renew the equipment every two years. 

They also provide:

  • A free Headspace account.
  • Funds for self-improvement.
  • A living allowance.
  • Monthly wellness reimbursements.

Some of the remote jobs at InVision include

  • Designers
  • Sales representatives
  • Customer support
  • Marketers
  • Engineers, etc.

You can earn an average hourly pay of $38 to $45 as a remote worker at InVision.

American Express

Also known as AMEX, it is one of the most valuable travel companies and a global financial institution that provides credit cards. The company also looks for travel consultants, customer service representatives, and virtual travel assistants. 

Unlike other companies, AMEX does not provide you with equipment but rather pays for your internet costs. The only equipment AMEX gives you is a landline phone and a free high-speed internet device.

As a remote worker at American Express, you can earn an average hourly rate of $22.90.

Enterprise holdings

Enterprise is quite a famous car rental company with work from home jobs that provide equipment. Some of the remote jobs include

  • UX designer
  • Call center
  • Claims recovery handler
  • Reservation sales representative

You are provided with a laptop and a VoIP phone upon request. You’ll therefore need a VoIP-compatible router and a wired, reliable internet connection.

You can earn an average hourly pay of $15.84 as a remote worker at Enterprise Holdings.


Have you seen these popular websites, such as WordPress, Tumblr, Akismet, and WooCommerce? These websites, among others, are made by the software company Automattic

This makes it among the largest companies that offer work from home jobs that provide equipment. Some of the remote roles include

  • Software engineers
  • Sales agents
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Graphic designers
  • Engineers

Upon hiring, you are provided a complete home office setup, including a laptop and quality wireless headphones. They also offer a co-working allowance which you can use any time you want a change of scenery. 

They also have a reimbursement program. You can earn an average hourly pay of $45 to up to $128 for engineers at Automattic.

 The AA

Another company with work from home jobs that provide equipment is AA. They term their remote workers “Teleworkers.” Why? Because you’ll mostly speak with their new or existing customers on the phone. 

Some of the types of equipment they provide you with are,

  • A computer
  • Desk
  • Router
  • Headset
  • Telephone
  • Office chair

AA is an auto insurance company always looking for customer sales representatives to promote its products and services. 

Can you convince people to buy auto insurance? Then you can apply to this company for a sales representative position at AA. 

Your duties will include handling and communicating with customers. You also can

  • Sell auto insurance to interested car owners.
  • Listen to customer grievances and suggest solutions
  • Find new and better sales leads

You can earn an average hourly pay of $17 to $23 as a remote worker at the AA.


Numerous work from home jobs provide equipment such as laptops/desk computers, headsets, etc. The jobs require no investment whatsoever. However, you must be willing to put a little money into getting started. 

Things like a high-speed internet connection may come at a cost. You can decide to venture into a full-time job or work part-time. Remote jobs come with flexible hours, making it easier to find the perfect profession that meets your needs!

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